L Littlewood and Son Ltd

Binca and Aida Embroidery Matting

109cm (43") Aida 14 HPI Embroidery Matting in 50m rolls. In white and cream. Aida matting has smaller holes and as such is suited to the more advanced embroiderer who wishes to create more detailed and complex creations. 


50cm (20") Binca 6 Holes Per Inch (HPI) Embroidery Matting in 50m rolls, (from left to right) Delph, Tango, Emerald, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cream, Ivory and White. This colourful binca matting  with its large holes is great for kids to embroider fun designs on.


NEW IN, Black & Lilac 6 HPI Binca


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