L Littlewood and Son Ltd



137cm Wool FR'd Bubbles Design in Blue. Approx 250m in stock.


148/150cm Polyester Suede in Light Blue, Ginger, Magenta, Tan and Rust.


145cm Polyester `Maurice` Flame retardent Chenille

Left cascade: Cream, Caramel, Mink, Lime, Teal, Pink, Red, Raspberry.

Right cascade: Aubergene, Purple, Chocolate, Mocha, Silver, Charcoal, Black.

130/144cm Assorted Cotton rich curtain lining.

1: 140cm Cotton Polyester Sateen

2: 137cm Cotton Polyeser Solproof

3: 140cm Cotton Polyester Solproof

4: 144cm Cotton Polyester Sateen

5: 130cm Cotton Polyester Thermal Backed

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